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We offer a wide range of light assembly services. Secondary operations are no longer a hassle. We can either purchase your components or you can have them drop shipped to us and we deliver the completed assembly right to your dock. We understand the lean process and our flexible facilities are set up for short and long runs. Our rigorous quality processes were developed to meet ISO 9000 standards. We provide lot number traceability as well.


When you have just learned that an entire lot has been rejected and the next shipment is still on the water, we can sort your parts quickly and accurately at all of our locations. We have a well trained and experienced workforce – we don’t hire temps.

  • Hand Assembly
  • Commercial Sewing
  • Hole Punching
  • Deburring

Need packaging Supplies?

We have 35,000 different package styles to choose from


Contract Packaging

We perform all types of bagging, boxing and kitting. We can print your logo directly on a bag or label so you can grow your brand. We can also print any barcode symbology so your parts can be tracked efficiently through your warehouse or through point of sale. We have a rigorous quality process so you know everything is in the kit and can be assured that your expectations are met. We also print instruction sheets and manuals on site.

Replacement Part / Private Label

Increasing your brand visibility is a critical part of your marketing strategy. In addition, keeping inventories low and turning fast has never been more important. We can assist you in both areas. We specialize in getting your brand on all your replacement parts while keeping costs down. We can design and inventory custom packaging, so you don’t have to. We can also print your logo directly on a bag or label in house. We can also print any barcode symbology so your parts can be tracked efficiently through your warehouse on through point of sale. Our lot number traceability system gives you


We Can Handle The Volume

Two Centrally located warehouses and growing.  We know how to get things done.

Young warehouse workers pulling a pallet truck with boxes.
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THE Follow-through

Warehousing & Fulfillment

Our two locations are a low-cost alternative for outside storage. With our inventory management system, you can see your inventory in real time on the web.

We can fill your orders as well. We have onsite access to UPS, FedEx, and LTL carriers. You can track all your orders on our website.

Replacement Parts

Your suppliers can drop ship service parts directly to us just like they ship to the factory floor. In real time, those parts can be tracked on the internet using our proprietary software. From the moment they arrive all the way to the trailer or UPS truck they are on, you and your suppliers will know where your parts are. You can expedite parts right on the web as well. 

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  • Machines
  • Maintenance
  • Software
  • Your Time

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About Us


Prowess Global opened its doors in 1991 as Masterworks Manufacturing. It made its name in the industry by providing lean packaging solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors. As its reputation grew, the opportunity came along to become a 3M distributor and Prowess Global was born.

ProwessGlobal is your one source for 3M products. Whether it’s Post-it notes or Command Strips for your home or abrasives and safety supplies for your business, ProwessGlobal has it all. Since 1991, ProwessGlobal has been providing its customers with the highest quality of just in time products and services and continues this tradition with the full line of over 40,000 3M products. Our mission is to provide exceptional customer experience to make your sourcing job easy.